4 Minute Workout For Better Health


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4 Minute Workout For Better Health

A 4 minute-workout is all it takes for us to nurture a stronger and healthier body! It sounds too good to be true but there has been a lot of research showing its incredible benefits with many people reaping success in health and fitness. The science behind it keeps growing with each trial, something that we may cover in another blog but for now, let’s take a more generalised view.

Why We Need Movement

Whilst some of us are lucky enough to have jobs that keep us fairly active there are many who don’t, they can spend hours travelling and sat behind desks. Our bodies are made to move! movement is needed to help our circulatory system fight the effects of gravity pulling at our cells, to keep joints moving freely and to keep our muscles strong. There is no wonder that sitting around too much causes many health related problems.

Just a Few Negative Effects of Sitting Too Long

  • Sluggish Circulatory System
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Weight Gain
  • Weakened Muscles
  • Chronic Tiredness

Sluggish Circulatory System can lead to many chronic health problems. Our venous and lymphatic system needs to transport and push all its waste products against gravity through valves and in the case of lymph, harmful bacteria needs to move through nodes helping fight off any infections before they take hold. Once the wastes are eliminated, purified, and replenished the blood and lymph is then redistributed with oxygen and nutrients feeding the cells to keep them nourished, strong and healthy. Exercise helps prevent sluggishness by aiding this movement, when there is a healthy flow in the circulatory system it benefits every single cell in our body.

Joint Stiffness leads initially to aches and pain but if allowed to becomes chronic then postural problems will occur. Without adequate movement and flexibility your neck and shoulders curve and stiffen, your spine loses its flexibility and your pelvis may miss-align. Exercise keeps the joints moving freely and improves muscle tone surrounding them which prevents lack of flexibility and bad posture.

Weight Gain can occur for some through lack of movement as it can decrease some (LPL) activity which negatively impacts the body’s ability to burn fat leading to increased fat stores. Exercise will increase the skeletal muscle LPL (Lipoprotein lipase) activity leading to effective fat burning and decreasing fat stores.

Weakened Muscles occur through lack of movement and sitting all day, particularly in the midsection and lower body which can lead to a bad sitting posture causing chronic aches or pain especially in the lower and mid back muscles. This then leads to compensation by using the upper body which can lead to pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulders areas. Exercise will tone up the muscular groups which helps prevent bad posture or help you regain better posture resulting in less aches and pains.

Chronic Tiredness has been seen to occur through lack of movement leading to an overburdened sluggish circulation which leaves you feeling tired or exhausted similar to having the flu with a lack of sufficient nutrients supplying your cells and brain tissues. A slow metabolism may occur and your body may not turn food into energy to keep you going. Exercise helps prevent this by speeding up circulation, metabolism etc. which then supplies all the nutrients and chemicals our bodies need to work efficiently which gives you more energy.

So What can we do?

I think we are all guilty of sitting around too much I admire those who have the self discipline to go to the gym, join sports activities or attend workout classes, but some of us just cant find the time or energy between work, home and children.

So if you are busy and don’t have time then this one is for you as it just takes 4 minutes to exercise the 16 largest muscle groups in your body which can be done at home or even at work in your break. It may even be fun to enrol some of your work colleagues to join you.

To tone your body systems it recommends a few times a day but they say that even once a day will suffice or even 2 x weekly will still reap some gains, so no excuses really.

Dr. Zach Bush MD – 4 Minute Workout

So lets have a look at Dr. Zach Bush MD : you can visit his website at https://zachbushmd.com/ He is a remarkable man who shares a lot of information and relentlessly works on health and environmental issues especially gut health being negatively effected through farming and pharmaceuticals.

I have chosen to share this workout for its simplicity which can be followed by anybody, anywhere and in any clothing. It can build a new healthier and stronger body for everyone.

In the video he explains how the Four Minute Workout revolves around the body’s ability to use Nitric Oxide for muscle growth. He then goes on to show the workout which once done you will easily remember.


I hope you enjoyed this video! I for one will be doing this daily and I hope you will too, Try to build up to a few times a day without putting pressure on yourself as that is when we usually fail, Do what you can, you will find that as you feel fitter your motivation will increase.

Remember also to offset some of the side effects of sitting for hours by taking regular breaks from your desk and use simple stretches and movement for the shoulders, neck and legs throughout the day.

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