Executive Business Meetings

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Executive Business Meetings

Benefits of Massage during Executive Business Meetings

Today I thought we would take a look at the benefits of Head and Shoulder Massage during Executive Business Meetings. These meetings can be stressful and intense for all that attend, with the self imposing pressure to perform well, show strength, be assertive, productive and get results within an environment where there is often many different opinions.

Types of meeting may include

  • Shareholders Meeting
  • Statutory Meeting
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Extra-Ordinary General Meeting
  • Directors Meeting
  • Board Meeting
  • Committee Meeting
  • Creditors Meeting
  • Emergency meetings

It is widely known and accepted that massage in the office has many positive results for staff and company owners, yet not so much is known of the benefits of massage during Executive business meetings. In many of these meetings the attendees have to travel with long hours of driving or delayed flights and trains leaving them with aching tense muscles, tired or jet lagged, generally stressed mentally and un focused.

One company director I worked for made a point of looking after its attendees by having therapists available the day before the meeting for anybody that needed them on arrival, he would then take his attendees out to a restaurant so they could all relax over good food with the criteria of no business talk.

The next day at the meeting they had the therapists on standby for those that wanted to release those tensions as they built up either before the meeting or during coffee, lunch, breaks etc. The result was a more productive meeting, more patience and a less taught atmosphere all round, the attendees were much more relaxed and kept in good spirits throughout.

This particular director had started out small and grown to multinational dealings, he credited his success to the loyalty and efficiency of his staff whom he always treat with respect and they returned this by high productivity.

So how does a Head, Shoulder and Neck Massage help at a Business Meeting?

It Releases knots and tight muscles that accumulate during travel and situations of high intensity. Many attendees suffer from chronic neck or shoulder pain, eye strain or even headaches on a permanent basis, massage can ease some of their symptoms creating a release of tensions all round.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Higher levels of concentration
  • Promote Clearer thinking
  • Improve blood circulation to the Brain
  • Clears congested lymph bringing in fresh nutrients and clearing inflammation
  • More oxygen is delivered to the tissues
  • Relieves tension headaches and eye strain
  • General relaxation of the head , shoulder and neck muscles
  • Relaxation in general with a feeling of calmness and clarity


One important aspect to remember is the calming healing benefits of massage and touch; it leaves a person feeling cared for and looked after. This effect is doubled when incorporated into Executive Business and Corporate meetings leaving the attendees properly feeling appreciated by the company, more open to each others ideas and opinions, more confidence to promote themselves, more focus and clarity, better decision making and a greater level of productivity in the meeting. The investment of a Therapist will always produce gains with many positive results!

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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