Growing Old – Life after Lock Down. Day 103 – 106

It is being reported that Spanish virologists may have found traces of COVID-19 in sample waste water collected in Barcelona in March of last year – One old lady was quite annoyed at me for not wearing a mask which was around my arm – Holiday makers are often rude to hotel or restaurant staff, behaving differently to what they would normally or at home – Ordination of trees in Cambodia’s emerging network of “ecology monks” – I work hard each day to not let my emotions run away with me working on boundaries of how deep I go and not falling into suffering – Watching an interview with Deepak Chopra, I saw the same frustrations in his expressions and voice – 2 animal articles left me struggling to let go of my frustrations……

So as not to duplicate my blog, here is the link to the original post at my other site. Stay safe and follow guidelines to keep yourself and loved ones safe💜

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