Growing Old – Life after Lock Down Day 110- 112

Volkswagen in Germany’s “City of Cars,” Zwickau, produced its last ever combustion engine vehicle -After this little mental conflict /distraction I continued mask on- The nearly full moon was rising, the sunset was hazy and everything felt mystical-last night was a full moon eclipse, the last of the eclipse season–What was crystal clear is that drunk people can’t/won’t socially distance-There is so much for us to learn about our vast universe and those beyond-Blind Astrophysicist Wanda Diaz Merced translated her work into sound!-more sounds of the universe created as the “Starsounds” project-It seems to lead a country you need the same qualifications as most people who work in shops or clean public toilets, except you don’t need past experience or references!-Are the Brits being infiltrated deliberately to stir up anger and divisions, and for what reason?

So as not to duplicate my blog, here is the link to the original post at my other site. Stay safe and follow guidelines to keep yourself and loved ones safe💜

A beautiful hazy walk in nature as the nearly full moon was rising